Wings of Royal Couture

Step into a world full of imagination and see the realm of fairy unlike before. Introducing my new series Wings of Royal Couture, by Sarah Alden. This series was inspired by my love for fairies and fashion. The idea for this series spawned while I was reading a book about expanding oneself as an artist. It made me step back and think about doing something different with my art and design something uniquely and identifiably mine. A series I can continue to build off of. I wanted to create an exciting and fun new world of possibilities with the use of extravagant and unconventional fairy wings. A place where imagination is endless! Something for fantasy art fans to enjoy, collect, and truly cherish.

This series really is a big part of who I am and my growing path as an artist. It means a great deal to me and I really do hope that this new series brings joy to my fans and to those who have not yet discovered my artwork.

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Selina Fenech's Fantasy Art Awards Sarah Alden


I would really appreciate if you could vote for me in Selina Fenech’s Fantasy Art awards 2013. Just click the link and select Sarah Alden at the bottom, and then click VOTE.

If I win, my art would be licensed for a ton of wonderful products on Selina’s Fairies and Fantasy website along side some of the top artists in fantasy!! My art would also be more easily available to Australian fans.

I need to be in the top 5 to make it to the second round! Round 1 ends May 30th
Thank you SO MUCH any and all help would be amazing!

New Painting!

I’d like to introduce my brand new painting “Indian Paint Brush” – Prints will be available soon!!

She was inspired by my love for this beautiful rich wild flower, that grows all over the road sides here. I also wanted to explore and learn how to paint hair better as I feel its an area I could improve on so with that in mind I knew I wanted to do a close up portrait with flowers in the background. I feel I’ve grown a lot working on this painting and I’m so thrilled with the outcome! Enjoy!!

Indian Paint Brush

Here is a Work In Progress compilation picture so you can see some of the steps I take when painting in watercolor. I always start with my skins tones first, it allows me to freshly see and build up all of the shadows on a figure and its my favorite step in painting!  Then I started working on the hair and so on from there with details till I finally complete the painting.



I’ve got some great new Fantasy art sketches for this month’s December #31 Sketchfest! Drawings from left to right are Holly Fairy, Evergreen Fairy, Ice Crown, Kiss the Stars, You give me Butterflies, and Butterfly Fairy.


November Sketchfest #30



October was my first month participating in Sketchfest, Its such a wonderful group of artists and collectors. You choose between prompts (themes, sort of like requests) members post for artists to draw. You get one hour to sketch your idea and upload your work for everyone to see. Its been a great tool for me, keeping me on my toes with drawing and finally getting so my of my new ideas down on paper, so I can start painting my new series that I have planned.

October Sketchfest #29