A little bit about Sarah…

Fantasy artist Sarah Alden was born in February of 1983, and resides in the Dallas metroplex area. She’s always had a great passion for creating artwork, even as a young child growing up she started drawing mystical beings such as fairy’s, unicorns, and mermaids. She was inspired and enchanted by the ones in her fairy tale books and many cartoons. With this inspiration she began creating her own interpretations getting lost for hours in her own little world bringing these ideas to life on paper.

In early 2000 Sarah started to experiment and focus more on fairy art and other mediums. It wasn’t until 2002 that she decided to focus on watercolor, and has been on the path of mastering this medium ever since. She was profoundly inspired by watercolors since they could express a more mystical, delicate, vibrant, and transparent atmosphere perfect for fairy, bringing a whole new light to her artwork. In each one of her paintings she try’s to convey a different type of emotion and mood within design, texture, and color.

The majority of her pieces she tries to create a happy, positive and desirable atmosphere through her fantasy art. She strives more for the pleasure of enjoyment when others view her art in hopes that it takes the viewer into another world. Each painting is painted with the intent of the viewer creating their own story about the piece. Her inspiration comes from all types of areas in life: personal experiences, music, friends, love, and fashion. Sarah enjoys experimenting with different techniques with her watercolors to create unique stylish backgrounds that have a life of their own. Fascinated by butterflies, crowns, stars, the moon, and dream catcher’s she tries to incorporate them into various paintings, which will be commonly seen through many of her works. Some of her paintings are more personal with hidden meanings, while others were created with more of a distinct message. By doing this, she achieves more of a variety in her art. Sarah strives to constantly improve and grow as an artist and hopes to inspire many others along her journey.

In October 2008 a small collection of Sarah’s work was displayed in a local Gallery, 14th Street Gallery. Here she was able to expand and introduce her artwork to many new admirers and helped her get started on sharing her artwork with the world.

In 2010 Sarah launched her website and began successfully selling her artwork online.

“I would like to thank everyone who has supported me over the years, My family, friends, fans, professor’s and other artists. You have all inspired me to keep my dreams alive and my desire to keep creating. I hope to inspire many as they have for me and that I’m able to take you into an enchanted world within your dreams. And I’d like to give a very special thanks to both my parents for always supporting and believing in me!”